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HP- F800G (Cảm ứng - Gps- WDR)
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    HP- F800G (Cảm ứng - Gps- WDR)

    KM : Thẻ nhớ 16G + Lắp đặt Free
    Bảo hành 12 tháng.
    Đặt hàng sản phẩm -12%
    Giá bán : 2,999,000 đ
    Giá thị trường : 3,400,000 đ
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    Hot New: Camera hành trình chính hãng HP - F800G Full HD (GPS- Cảm ứng -Hiển thị tốc độ)
    + Màn hình cảm ứng, hình ảnh Full HD 1080 hình ảnh sắc nét, cảm biến G.Sensor phát hiện va chạm- chuyển động, Cảm biến hình ảnh WDR  cho  hình  ảnh rõ  ràng sắc nét nếu đi trong môi  trường ánh sáng thấp. Góc quay đến 140 độ

    Main F800G Camera Unit
    Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
    Full HD: 1920 x 1080@30 fps AND HD:1280 x 720@30 fps / 60 fps
    Up to 140° Wide Angle Fixed Forced Lens & IR-Filter
    Aperture F1.9
    Built-in GPS and G-Sensor
    Motion Detection
    Collision Detection
    Emergency Recording File
    9 Level EV Adjustment
    HDMI output

    1 GB RAM or greater 

    Super Car Software (cannot use on Mac)
    - Video Playback/ w Map Road Tracking
    - Road Direction via Digital Compass Movement
    - GPS and G-Sensor Sensitivity Chart

    F1.9 Big Aperture, Advanced Optical Technology
    F1.9 lets you get more image information in a short time. The f800g enhances the amount of in-light in the low light environment.

    140° Wide Angle Lens
    140° wide angle is the most real recording angle which includes real and clear field of view without blind angle.

    Loop Recording
    The f800g records video clips of 3 or 5 minute lengths (customer selectable) on to the installed microSDHC memory card. The standard loop recording technology prevents storage overload by erasing the oldest previously recorded file and replacing it with the new one.

    Wide Dynamic Range is an advanced photosensitive image processing technology which is equipped by professional digital camcorders. The video processed by WDR will be clear even though it is recorded in a strong contrast of light and shade environment. The image will not be overexposed or dark, and is more three dimensional.

    Lane Departure Warning System (LWDS)
    With the GPS and LWDS feature enabled and the vehicle moving faster than 50 km/h (~31mph), the f800g uses lane markings on the road to warn you when your vehicle drifts from the current lane. The warning is an audible and visual icon displayed on the camcorder screen. This feature should be treated as a guide only, not a reliable safety mechanism



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