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Camera hành trình DOME 4K lọt vào danh sách top 10 camera hành trình mua nhiều nhất năm 2018

Top 10 Dash Cameras Best to Buy 2018

It is possible to appear accidents on the road. So installing a dash cam is your best choice, which can help you to avoid some unnecessary trouble. But it is a complex phenomenon that there are many brand on the market, and the quality is different. Therefore, many users don’t know how to select a dash cam. According to the data of the dash cam, we select top 10 dash cams best to buy in 2018.



a118-c dash cam


A118-c, a mini dash cam, is hidden over the rear-view mirror of your car, it is equipped with novatek chipset, 170 degree wide angle 1080p/30fps or 720p/60fps. In addition, The A118-C has 1.5 inches LCD display and features wide dynamic range and night vision for enhanced clarity in low light conditions. This capacitor based dash cam with no internal battery can operate in temperatures of up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.


A118-c has maximum support for 64G. and if you use 1080p, it is likely to record 5h. even if your memory card is full, there is nothings to worry about, because it can cycle recording. If you want to save some footage from being overridden during relooping, you can always make use of the lock button.


Low price and hidden installing are the biggest advantages of a118-c. if your are seeking a cheap and hidden dash cam, it is worth to buy. 



yi dash cam


Yi smart dash camera uses high quality shock resistant materials such as PC and ABS, with a Li-polymer battery. It is small and exquisite, as well as easy to install.

It captures 1080P full HD footage at 60 fps. Xiaomi Yi HD features WDR noise reduction, high precision G-sensor, built-in WiFi and Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) like forward sensing, lane departure warning, etc.

The dash cam use 165 degree wide angle, therefore, it cover three lanes at east. In addition, it is also an economical dash cam. If your budget is limited, it will be a good choice.



gs63h dash cam


GS63H dash cam is the word’s first 4k dash cam, up to 2880*2160. It has a clear definition which is four times better than its nearest competitors. it shoots 4k video at an incredible frame rate of 24 fps, which makes it the word’s best dash cam.

GS63H has a 2.4-inch IPS screen that allows you to directly see the recorded video clearly on the dash cam. It also has features such as GPS and WIFI, which sell for around $139 on Amazon.



dr450 dash cam


DR450 series are very concise. All are cylindrical, and they are not easy to freeze and restart. DR450-1CH got good reputation in 2017 dash cam test in the American “Consumer Survey”. DR450-1CH, with 1080p, presents a clear image in nighttime. without built-in GPS and screen, its working condition is presented by the indication light. In the parking mode, it is required Power Magic Pro to avoid low battery. Because the cigarette lighter can not help the parking mode to work. DR450 is about $120 to $220 on Amazon. In addition, BLACKVUE recommended to use the memory card prepared by yourself.



PHILIPS dash cam, simple design, is enhanced the night imaging brightness by increasing the sensitivity. Many types of PHILIPS are equipped with capacity, so that it works normally in 65. in addition, Philips's one-click video function can be triggered within 0.01 seconds, delay time is very short, in the industry leading position.


ADR810 has maximum support for 6400 ISO, F2.0, which has a better night effect than other products. It is worth mentioning that the lens is made up of seven layers full glass, which effectively reduce the image distortion. ADR810 gets power from cigarette lighter, without parking mode. It is obvious that it is suitable for discontinuous driving. It is about 700 yuan, equipped with Transcend 400X memory card.


f770 dash cam


Compared with other brand, Thinkware is more expansive, dual lens products are more than 2000 yuan, more single lens products are about 1500 yuan. F770, a one second one shooting in parking model, uses buried cable to wake up in one second, priced at 1600 yuan to 1900 yuan. Although its dual lens product is more than 2300 yuan, both rear and front camera can reach 1080p. Thinkware is equipped with Ambarella chip. It is recommended to use Transcend 400X or High Endurance of Sandisk memory card. 



LS family, a more special DOD product, are equipped with Sony sensor. In dark, ISO will be improved automatically in 12800. but improved ISO will increase the noise. After all, it is different to ensure clarity and luminance at the same time. In this series, LS590W priced at 1600 yuan is suitable. The emergency archive key is marked red for easy identification, but given the weight of the 100g fuselage, the sucker holder is clearly not very strong. 



The working temperature of F660G is up to 60, which is outstanding in HP product. It is also equipped with 4700mAh lithium battery, which is a large capacity accessory in dash cam. In F1.8 brings the bright image. Pro version comes with HP, but the upgrades comes with Amabrella A7. it supports max 32G. 60fps also occupy a lot of spaces, and the continuous writing will damage the memory card. So it is recommended to set 1920×1080P/30FPS.


a119 dash cam

The A119 is a perfect dash cam for forward facing recording. Attach it to the windshield of your vehicle using adhesive mount to record crystal clear HD videos (and audio) of varying resolutions including 1440 pixels (2k) at 30 fps and 1080 pixels at 60 fps.


A119 is one of the popular products on the market, with wide function and HD image. The A119 is a perfect dash cam for forward facing recording. Attach it to the windshield of your vehicle using adhesive mount to record crystal clear HD videos (and audio) of varying resolutions including 1440 pixels (2k) at 30 fps and 1080 pixels at 60 fps.


It supports loop recording and max 64G. It turns on/off automatically with the ignition of your vehicle and the built-in G-Sensor helps the unit detect and record incidents all on its own.


Cobra CDR 840

CDR-840 dash cam


This dash cam is unique in design and small. Its built-in GPS shows exactly where you are and how fast you are. When an accident is detected, G-sensor will automatically prevent the current videos from be covered.

The rear touchscreen may be small, but it's sharp and very easy to navigate thanks to a simple joypad-style switch interface, with a clearly labelled, bright red button for manually saving important clips.


How to select a best dash cam ?

In the purchase of the dash cam, you not only pay attention to the brand, but also focus on the price, performance, installation, effect and so on, which can ensure to select a high cost effective product to a large extent. Next i share some note with you. 

First, smooth video without leakage

Many dash cam on the market support recording  and saving in sections to achieve loop recording. But there is a disadvantage of it, the processor speed isn’t fast enough. So that it will appear leakage. If the dash cam stop to recording, the accident moment might happen. 

Second, buy a heat stability product

It is always ignored by consumers, although it is very important. Park the car installed a dash cam in the sun for two hours, then check whether it has blurred screen or freeze. Through this test, most of the poor quality dash cam can be eliminated. 

Third, white balance

Many low-end products on the market encountering strong light, reflective light or low light will present black image, when encountering white things, it will over bright, because of the poor white balance. Improving this performance depends on the processor speed, low-end product can’t do that. 

Finally, it is remind that there are some dash cam without normal equipment, with poor quality, single function. For example, it can’t shoot clearly at nigh, in daytime, it might appear leakage or time lapse and other problems. In the event of the accident, it can’t be used as evidence. 
(Theo Dashcam)

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